Once Upon A Time Hiatus Drinking Game!


Okay, so a friend of mine (x) and I were watching OUAT, and in the process we came up with this drinking game. It’s pretty awesome for marathon-ing during this hiatus, so I thought I’d share it with the world!

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Alcohol of choice (or just plain juice, it doesn’t have to be an alcohol drinking game)
  2. A small glass (around the size of a whiskey glass)
  3. Season 1 - 3 of Once Upon A Time (haha, duh)
  4. Friends (hahahaha)


  1. Start by filling your small glass with your drink of choice.
  2. Every time a certain event (will be defined in section Code-names and Definitions) occurs, you shout the code-name for this event and then take a sip of your drink (just don’t finish it - that’s for something special).

Code-names and Definitions:

  • ALL MAGIC - Every time someone says that magic comes with a price.
  • BOUNDARIES! - Whenever Captain Hook steps into someone’s personal space, and they don’t step away (only applies from season 2 onward).
  • BURROW - Every time Snow/Mary-Margaret furrows her eyebrows.
  • BUTTSHOT - Every time they pan into Ruby’s butt (this happens mostly in season 1 though).
  • CAPTAIN FLOOR - Every time Captain Hook hits the floor (only applies from season 2 onward).
  • DEARIE - Every time Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold says the word “dearie”.
  • GRUMPY - Whenever Grumpy/Leroy shouts something.
  • HAPPY ENDING - Whenever someone says the words “happy ending”.
  • I WANT MY SON BACK - Whenever Regina says she wants Henry back.
  • LOVE IS WEAKNESS - Whenever someone says that love is weakness.
  • MAD-EYE - Whenever anyone has a serious case of the crazy eyes (Regina is pretty boss at this one).
  • MAD-GOLD - Whenever Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold freaks out and gets really angry (like when he starts beating up Mr. French with his cane).
  • OPERATION COBRA - Every time someone says “operation cobra”.
  • REGAL POTATO MOMENT - When someone tries to perform magic, but fails because nothing happens (this is more frequent in the later seasons. The code-name was inspired by Regina in 2x20)
  • SAILING SHIP - Whenever your OTP has a romantic moment/kiss (this is a very liberal one. It could be Snowing, Rumbelle, OQ, CS, ST, SQ, etc. It’s all up to you). Also, whenever your BROTP has a bromantic moment.
  • SERIOUSLY? - Whenever Emma can’t accept something from Fairy-tale Land. Eg. “Those are just stories, they’re not real” “As in … Captain Hook?”
  • SINGSONG - Whenever Snow/Mary-Margaret ends her sentences is a very sing-song like manner.
  • STUTTERBELLE - Every time Belle stutters on a sentence (this happens sooo frequently, haha)
  • SUPERPOWER - Every time Emma’s lie-detecting superpower is mentioned.
  • TEE HEE - Every time Rumplestilskin giggles.
  • TRUE LOVE - Whenever there’s a true love’s kiss.
  • TWU WUV - Whenever Rumplestilskin says “true love” as “twu wuv”.

Finish Your Drink (the small glass) When:


I think that’s ^ pretty self-explanatory. After you finish your glass, fill it up again, and keep playing.

Okay, I know this may seem like a lot, but I’ve played this game, and these things don’t show up as often as you’d think they would. Please don’t hesitate to add your own suggestions! This is just a loose guideline to have fun, and help us all through the hiatus.



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